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greendale seven appreciation

day 12: pierce hawthorne love day

justagirlwholookslikeme replied to your post: wuyifanilluminati replied to your post…

i thought if you change it once it stays?

That’s what I thought too, but it’s been several days now and it’s still not doing it

wuyifanilluminati replied to your post: Anyone who uses Photoshop CS5 Extended…

Don’t you just click on the arrow next to “once” and it’s displays and option for “forever”?

Yeah, but I mean how do I make it default to “forever” instead of “once” so I don’t have to manually switch it every time

Anyone who uses Photoshop CS5 Extended - how do I get this:

and this:

to default to “forever”? I just switched to Extended and I don’t remember how I got regular CS5 to do it, and my googling hasn’t come up with anything so far.


2x22 // 3x01

greendale seven appreciation

day 11: jeff winger love day


this podcast really gets me some days.

30 days of brooklyn nine nine: favorite friendship
amy santiago & rosa diaz