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Happy Birthday, Jessica Williams!

Jessica joined The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 2012 at the tender age of 22, making her the show’s youngest cast member ever as well as its first black female correspondent.

“It’s impossible to be perfect, and you won’t do a good job if you’re too focused on proving yourself to others. Instead, I try to envision myself succeeding in whatever I’m doing.”

Preview of Dianna Agron and Chris Messina in Sam Smith’s “I’m Not The Only One” video

Shawn & Juliet meme → [6] quotes

      ↳ … and sometimes the moments that make the most sense                         happen when everything else doesn’t


Halloween is right around the corner basically so just a heads up:

  • don’t do black/brown/yellow/red face
  • don’t do fake accents
  • don’t wear other cultures and enforce negative stereotypes of that culture
  • don’t use a culture as a theme for your party
  • don’t wear any headdresses 
  • culture is not a costume
  • don’t be that racist prick please
  • have a great and safe halloween this year





Laverne Cox corrects Gayle King on CBS

This happened to my dad when he got his vasectomy unreversed. You get all relaxed and you have no filter and you just start dropping truth bombs on everyone.